1. "Let Me Be"
  2. "The Skeleton Song"
  3. "All Things Considered"
  4. "So Sad To Say"
  5. "Allow Them"
  6. "High School Dance"
  7. "Over the Eggshells"
  8. "She Just Happened"
  9. "Finally"
  10. "I Know More"
  11. "Riot on Broad Street"
  12. "One Million Reasons"
  13. "Bad News and Bad Breaks"
  14. "Temporary Trip"
  15. "Where You Come From"
  16. "The Day He Didn't Die"
  17. "Meaning"(appears on Big Rig Double 12)
  18. "The Skeleton Song"(appears on Big Rig Double 12)
  19. "Simmer Down (Live)"(appears on Big Rig Double 12)
  20. "New England Memories"(appears on Big Rig Double 12)
  21. "Together"(appears on Australian Edition)
  22. "Just As Much"(appears on Australian Edition)

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