1. "1-2-8"
  2. "Do Somethin' Crazy"
  3. "He's Back"
  4. "Devil's Night Out"
  5. "Kinder Words"
  6. "Noise Brigade"
  7. "The Rascal King"
  8. "Hell of a Hat"
  9. "Holy Smoke"
  10. "Hope I Never Lose My Wallet"
  11. "I'll Drink to That"
  12. "Royal Oil"
  13. "Cowboy Coffee"
  14. "Doves and Civilians" (a live version of "Drunks And Children" from their debut album Devil's Night Out)
  15. "Let's Face It"
  16. "Howwhywas, Howwhyam"
  17. "Dr. D"
  18. "Where'd You Go?"
  19. "Seven Thirty Seven/Shoe Glue"
  20. "The Impression That I Get"
  21. "Someday I Suppose"
  22. "Lights Out"

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